About Us

Sichuan suohaipu isostatic pressing technology & equipment Co., Ltd.established in 2005, is a leading manufacturer dedicated to research, development and manufacturing of cold isostatic press machine, famous with high- efficient R&D and technical breakthrough.
  Mr Hu Yangzhong, the technical principal of cip machine‎, is a professor-level engineer, who enjoy the governmental allowance offered by State Department of China. Mr Hu has been dealing with the R&D of the cold isostatic pressing equipment  for over thirty years. With abundant practice experience and upper profession position. The corporation came into being a capable staff with innovation spirit under the leading of Mr Hu.
  Possessing the production ability of large machinery, our corporation have the large machinery equipment, such as 5m standing lathe,2x10m recumbent lathe, and 2.5x6.5 digital controlling Longmen milling etc. Making use of the advanced steel twisting technology , the stability and life time of cold isostatic pressing would be assured. 
  At present,cold isostatic press have been widely applied to industrial ceramic pressure forming, high temperature refractory, hard metals, permanent magnetic material & rare metal powder molding, and have considerable share of market. 
  We always insist on technology innovation, obtained tens of invention patents and utility model patents, and engender completed product range of cold isostatic pressing process , With strong technical backbone, we are capable to fast satisfy our clients' special requirements.