Products pressed by cold isostatic press machine are featured with high & well-proportional density and small contraction after sintering.
  • • Cold isostatic pressing can form products with long rod shape and cylindrical shape that are difficult to be formed by conventional compression moulding.
  • • Pressed products have high-strength and workability, and internal stress is decreased sharply.


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Sichuan suohaipu isostatic pressing technology & equipment Co., Ltd. established in 2005, is a leading manufacturer dedicated to research, development and manufacturing of cold isostatic press machine, famous with high- efficient R&D and technical breakthrough.

Mr Hu Yangzhong, the technical principal of cip machine, is a professor-level engineer, who enjoy the governmental allowance offered by State Department of China. Mr Hu has been dealing with the R&D of the cold isostatic pressing equipment  for over thirty years. With abundant practice experience and upper profession position. The corporation came into being a capable staff with innovation spirit under the leading of Mr Hu.


Mr Pan Maosheng, automatization-controlling engineer, who charge for R&D, installing and debugging of the machinery. He devised for various of cold isostatic pressing products.